Futurist Profile: Nicki Minaj

Fashion futurist Nicki Minaj parades around in fanciful, fun, and impressively futuristic outfits pushing our conception of what can be worn and how all the time.

Not only is her music pioneering the way for female artists (by being simply, the best rapper alive, lady-style) and for allowing freedom from constraints in shaping up personalities/personas. And, as the future will most likely bring the personal development of more than one personality (ie. avatars), her carefully made up multiple personalities just add to the creativity and non-conventional thought.

In this composite video, Nicki interviews with Chelsea Lately about her alter-egos, and then segues into clips from her videos in which her personalities take over.









….and music, of course!


I consider Mimosa to be the Mozart of the electronic age. Seriously, and yes, I have the qualifications for judging.

Layers upon layers of sound mesh to create visual spaces behind closed eyelids. Turn it up loud. And just lay in your room/pod/craft and follow it, every nuanced sound, all of the in-and-out-your-ears swirls of electronic itches. There’s something about electronic music (esp. dubstep) that makes it so I can’t sit still. Hopefully that happens to you too. So move. What shapes do you create with your gestures that mimic the music? For me, it’s a total mind/body take-over. And I think the music of the future (and past) should (and can) do that – influence your emotion, your movement, your mental space. It should be penetrating. And Mimosa certainly takes electronic music to that level of revered “classical” composition.

This first song is actually part of a 30 minute mix that comes HIGHLY recommended. You can definitely achieve an altered state of consiciousness simply by listening (and focusing) on the entire thing, start to finish. It’s not only an epic tour-de-force (haha) but creates, well, creates alternate realities inside of your head. Don’t just trust me, try it yourself.

Buy it here, listen to it now