What about this? A poll on Images of the Future: Green Cityscape

As we grow more earth-conscious in order to save the environment (and ourselves), imaginings of future city-scapes take on a less gloomy look. Could you imagine this as reality? Would you want to live here? How far in the future does this artist rendition of the future seem?

gree city scape sci fiMitchell Joachim’s Eco-City Nick Kaloterakis


Steam Cell Research – Future Food

This is one of the most uncontrollably awesome things I’ve ever seen. Science, technology, research students, and food. I dare you to even imagine what’s going on here.



Coline Cassagnou, Elise Lemoine, Maxime Colnot, Caroline Angiulo, Pauline Vierne, Simon Laurenceau & Mariane Pinel, France

Steam Cells is a banquet of wonders. This project is the culmination of seven research projects by seven students, resulting in a seven course feast. The dishes investigate near realities and hyper fantasies, exploring the implications of current and emerging technologies through the presentation of fictional but edible scenarios — parallel worlds, extrapolated tangents, cautionary tales and design fictions. Inspired by the science and technology developed by the stem cells laboratory I-Stem in Evry (France), the work uses culinary and textile design as a medium to speculate and develop critical debate around our relationship with science and technology.

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