Current Video Manipulation Technologies

The abilities out there with human face mapping and distant object manipulation are pretty mind-boggling. Here are some examples of the beauty of these technologies, the behind-the-scenes, and uses:

Samsung Portugal designs a human face map to project onto, creating a level of fluidity and accuracy in facial mapping that is simply magical. Watch them transform the human face and body into any number of styles and abstractions.

Paul Debevec animates a photo real human face; the results are pretty incredible, the applications are really fun to ponder.

Kind of a funky video, but the idea and reality of tele-immersion is fascinating. In real-time, a room full of cameras can capture your image and project it into a virtual space where you can manipulate virtual objects by the “real” movement of a hand, or dance with a partner countless miles away in another video room. Check out this video and come up with some applications yourself.