Emotional Android – Kara

KPC-897504C: it will clean your house, look after your kids, keep track of your appointments and satisfy your sexual needs.

Quantic Dream, a video game company pushing the bounds of hyper-realism in video gaming (developers ofHeavy Rain), premiered its new PS3 engine with a real-time demo called Kara. It is not a video game that is in current production, rather, it is a creative short which demonstrates the ability to show an impressive mimic of human emotion. In the short, you witness an android being constructed, a quick mechanic production forming a slim, sexy body. She is given the name Kara. Gameinformer writer Matthew Kato describes the content in a compelling format, pulling from the short itself to give life to the script on page:

The creation of this new identity produces a flicker of consciousnesses that is strengthened as the process continues, and Kara becomes more and more confident in herself. She can speak 300 languages – including singing beautifully in Japanese – and when synthetic flesh is added to her frame, she insticintively exhibits the human emotion of modesty by covering up her new nakedness.

Her new life won’t last long, however. The technician explains that she is to be re-initialized so she can be sold to a consumer who will give her her own name and purpose. Kara realizes what this means for her. “I thought…” she begins.

“You thought?” counters the operator. “What did you think?”

“I thought…I was alive.”

“You’re not supposed to think that sort of stuff,” he explains. “You’re not supposed to think at all, period.”

The technician orders her to be scrapped for “non-standard” behavior, and the assembly machines starts to comply; dismantling her limb by limb.

Through new technological developments in processing abilities, Quantic Dream was able to create a realistic and futuristic short that is both compelling as a snippet of film, as well as a look into the future of gaming capabilities. Kara comes off a little over the top, but the range and display of human emotion is worth its excess. Watch the video for yourself!