Welcome to the Future. It’s what your standing in right now. Yes, even there over to the left. This blog explores and shares insights, hypotheses, and realities of our projected and factual future. I take the term future to mean both the present, the future, and our concepts and imaginings of futuristic times that we find in movies and other works of fiction. The imagination is the future, and we are living in a land of limitless possibilities.

This is me:

Not the cute little robot above, I do apologize. That’s my cat onyx in the background. I also have a sultry dog named Baron, and I’m sure he’ll make his way into the blog at some point. Especially perhaps for making his infamous “alien face.”

Why do I love futuristic feelings? Because, first and foremost, futuristic stuff is rad. And secondly and more importantly, because bringing the future into the present is monumental. Technologies, fantasies, and grand ol’ ideas in general are usually generated by thinking up new and exciting realities. Let’s grow without limitations of what’s possible or what’s been done. Let’s be future pioneers with wild ideas and impossible creations.


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