Green Cities – Possibilities of the Future?

There’s a large trend towards imagining future cities (to hold the exponential billions of people that will be living X years from now) as “green” cities. As sustainable, eco-friendly, and, literally, green. Architectural sketches are rife with grass roofs, plants climbing up walls and ranging around interiors as if your new apartment-complex-3000 was itself a rainforest. What do these imaginings have to say about our current state of affairs? Well, we know that at least a large number of us are Eco-conscious, that there is a desire to make crowded living spaces beautiful and infused with nature, though the suggestion underlies: will there be a lack of nature around the cities so we must infuse our buildings with it? But even now, who wouldn’t these gorgeous green giants filling up New York City? Steel and gray buildings seems a bit outdated by today’s standards. We want to see sleek, integrative design, use of natural habitats, and a vision towards buildings of today that are a bit futuristic.

Check out these sketches and real photographs and tell me what you think about our growing love of green cities.


4 thoughts on “Green Cities – Possibilities of the Future?

  1. This is the kind of city I want to live in. It is also the kind of idea I’m dreaming about on my blog on a smaller scale. For some reason I see this working only if you can make it profitable and then the model is replicated. In other words there must be more than aesthetics for it to truly catch on. I want to try to encourage such a model on a ranch where such ideas are experimented and perfected to provide truly better living.

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