Appealing? A Poll on Images of the Future

Is this image of the future appealing, or not your idea of a good time? Share your idea of the future with a comment!


6 thoughts on “Appealing? A Poll on Images of the Future

  1. I’d like to make a reservation please … Deckard, party of two, for a south facing tower view. Leave an origami unicorn by the door …

  2. Through the lens of the artist there is beauty there and quite a bit (the lighting and lines are just gorgeous I would love to have that on my wall), though imagining the stark reality within the pretty picture probably not.

  3. I’ll be the contrarian here: I do not find this future appealing- though the rivers snaking through the city put me in mind of Pittsburgh- to which I am partial.

    The picture itself is certainly beautiful, and a credit to the artist, but it is beautiful in the same way the Grand Canyon is beautiful, the individual is brought to silence in the face of the gigantic. What I’d ask about this city: where are the open spaces? where is nature? where is the public space? are those huge clouds natural or pollution? are there fish in the rivers? is the sprawl ringing the central city and its skyscrapers livable space or slums of enormous scale?

    • I know what you mean; you kind of get a sense of the smog that would layer over it, the chaos, the work, and the crime. Especially with the new technological developments and “green” consciousness I feel that big city futures would incorporate more greenery, more open spaces, just to keep people sane. Blade Runner made an awesome movie, but I sure wouldn’t want to live there!

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